In the Spotlight, Clay Parcells “Dress the Part you Want to Become”

In the Spotlight, Clay Parcells “Dress the Part you Want to Become”

“It’s not about fashion so much as it is about looking put together.” Clay Parcells, Davelle Clothiers Customer

Clay Parcells knows the importance of looking put-together. After all he coaches leaders for a living as the founder of Executive Leadership Performance LLC.

Clay often advises clients how to get to the next level in their career and to look at what the people you want to replace wear. “It’s not about fashion so much as it is about looking put together.”

Clay found Davelle clothiers through a referral and subsequently had a custom suit made for his daughter’s wedding. Since that suit, he has come to create more custom sports coats. “What makes Davelle Clothiers unique is that it is a very hands-on experience.” Founder David Eisele and his team get to truly know a client’s likes and dislikes on a very personal level.

“When Clay walks into the store he is immediately offered an espresso or a beer. It is such a rarity today to find an exclusive men’s clothing store where you can come in and touch, feel and put on fabric from a guy who actually knows the business exceedingly well.” Parcells continues by saying, “I previously shopped almost exclusively at larger department stores. The relationship was good but with David, I would consider him a friend. Part of the experience is coming in to have fun with David and we laugh and joke around with each other.”

As a leadership professional Clay reveals, “Nowadays, you really have to dress the part you want to become. This economy is so different with technology companies and more casual work environments. If you are going to wear jeans, wear nice ones and dress them up with a sports coat to be noticed and be different. You perform better when you feel better”.

The selections allow for both those who want to be trendy and adventurous and those who carry a conservative style. For Clay, he prefers to keep things classic. He confides, “A windowpane fabric is something I would typically never buy but I got it and love how it looks.” He combines a windowpane fabric jacket with a pocket square. “A pocket square is the perfect way for a man to finish his look. Now that I have my own business I am even more aware of my look and paying attention to the details.”

Executive Leadership Performance LLC, specializes in supporting leadership teams and individual leaders to improve their game which positively impacts business performance and the lives of others they touch everyday! 



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