In the Spotlight, Alan Gilbert “People Sell the Importance of Clothing Short”

“I stumbled into something special.” Alan Gilbert, Davelle Clothiers Customer.

Alan Gilbert came in to the Reston boutique menswear shop on a completely alternate mission, working on a charity fundraiser for ALS, a cause close to his heart. An associate suggested he get in touch with owner and designer David Eisele for a charitable donation. Eisele complied, given his strong sense of community.

Ten years later, Alan is a long-time customer and friend of Davelle Clothiers. Shopping was never something that intimidated Alan, but he found that in his previous experience, stores had not taken the time to get to know him as an individual and really listen to him. The time that David and his team spent with Alan at Davelle translated into a much more satisfying experience and a look that helps him stand out from the crowd. Gilbert states “the thing I can always count on is finding interesting things that I have not seen elsewhere, whether custom or off-the-rack. The entire staff understands emerging trends and what looks and fits best for my body shape.”

While Alan’s tastes may have matured, shifted and diversified over the past 10 years, the compliments that he receives have remained consistent. Gilbert confided, “Clothes can help you feel good. When I buy and wear clothes that I like and that flatter me, I feel more confident. Others recognize and take note of that aura. People sell clothing short. They see it as purely functional, but clothing can be so much more. It can and should be an expression of who you are. You just have to find the right clothes.”
Alan did indeed stumble into something special and that uniqueness is what will keep him coming back.

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