Show Your Personality with Robert Graham

Show Your Personality with Robert Graham

Robert Graham new at Davelle ClothiersPeople new to Davelle Clothiers are typically intrigued by the product mix we carry.  It sometimes takes them a couple series of questions and answers to understand what we do, which make sense since we are such a unique men’s clothing store.

With our full line of custom made clothing and David’s signature labels, we are an unrivaled custom design studio, but we still have the square footage and the variety to offer the top off the rack menswear designers.  Add in that we are a family owned business, not a chain, and people begin to understand what makes us special.

We also do all our vendor selections and buying ourselves, which means your buyer is local and has a direct relationship with you, the customer.  We think that gives us the best position to carry the right vendors, products and styles for our clients.  And Robert Graham is the perfect example of this.

Last spring we brought in the men’s casual clothing icon Robert Graham.  We have the ability to be a little more playful in our approach as opposed to the items carried in a department store.  We like to up the wattage so it doesn’t look boring.   With Robert Graham, we carry a more unique selection, a more localized selection as opposed to Miami, LA or Manhattan style that influences many men’s designer clothing buyers.

For the Northern Virginia market, we have selected men’s casual wear garments that have classic styling but with a punch.  And we know how to help you select the right pieces and mix them together with the other brands already in your closet or new items.

This is the perfect time to take a look at Robert Graham. as their summer line is a most festive and exclusive way to show your carefree and happy summer attitude.  The colors, like the vibrant citruses, the apple green, the blue turquoise- have such a vibrant, distinctive feel while emanating happiness and professional playfulness.

Their garments are so useful and adaptable especially in the summer, where you can go from an executive casual look during the day then head out to a barbeque or summer concert.

So go for it- embrace the patterns, colors and bold details of the Robert Graham collection.  At the very least, add a few accent pieces like a button down shirt.  After all, the shirt a man wears is reflective of who he thinks he is.  It is a compliment to others when you show your personality.  When you do, don’t make it dry and boring!


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