Shopping for Your Sweetheart?

Shopping for Your Sweetheart?

Shopping for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?  Here are a few recommendations from our Wardrobe Consultants!

Ferretti fragrance

This Italo Ferretti Fragrance is a Davelle Clothiers exclusive to the Washington D.C. area.  It boasts a perfect blend of spice and sweetness in a true cologne (meaning it consist of more oil than eau de toilette).
I recommend this fragrance because it is season-less and timeless for the man who wants a distinctive scent.  With a long lasting scent, you won’t have to reapply throughout the day.
-Dan Fox, Vice-President of Merchandising

A few years ago we were walking around the MRket menswear show in NYC, looking at new vendors.  Michael, the Owner of Saxx called out to me, “Hey Dave from Reston, how would you like a free pair of underwear?”
Well little did I know it was a trap!  They are the most comfortable pair of inventive boxers I have ever worn. I got a pair for my Dad and Dan and they were hooked as well. Saxx soon became an addiction which we have now passed on to our customers.  The supportive separating design enables comfort and control without feeling too tight.  We just received a new order, but they sell out quickly, so come in today!
– Dave Eisele Jr, Vice President of Visual Merchandise
Valentine's Day
A tie is always a good choice, as it is the best way a man can show his personality in his clothing.  A tie is a man’s lipstick!
These ties have distinctive, elegant patterns.
To really make a statement, wear either of the solid red ties with a pale pink shirt.  Otherwise, a high-quality light blue or white shirt will work perfectly.
The tie on the left is from David’s Master Collection, the top and right ties are by Italo Ferretti.
 – Tim Bubma, Wardrobe Consultant
Or let us help you select the perfect gift for the gentleman in your life!

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