Real Men Do Enjoy Clothes Shopping

Real Men Do Enjoy Clothes Shopping

Real men enjoy clothes shopping? What a controversial title! I hope my loyal readers will stop laughing long enough to hear me out. Men can learn to love shopping for themselves, if they know where to go for superior quality, amazing service and well-edited selection of fine menswear. In this post, I’ll tell you how.

But first, do any of the following sound like you?

1.    You don’t know where to shop. Confused as to their personal style, men often opt for the closest mall where the quality is iffy, the service non-existent and the styles generic.

2.    You’re not sure what looks good. Double-breasted? Cuffed? Brown, blue? With so many choices, shopping can be overwhelming. You could ask for help, but do you really trust that kid with the earring at the counter to give good style advice? It’s almost tempting to give up ? after all, the elbows on your old jacket are not that shiny and the lapels aren’t too wide. It could probably last another season or two, even if your better half refuses to be seen with you when you wear it.

3.    You’re not a true size. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find a sports coat that slips comfortably over your athletic shoulders without pulling, or slacks that don’t strain the front pleats because they’re tight in the seat. Most men, when faced with a “problem area” will go up a size for comfort and camouflage, but that only makes for a sloppy appearance.

For twenty years, Davelle Clothiers has been showing customers that it is possible to enjoy shopping for clothes. Our experienced wardrobe consultants take the guess-work out of selecting the right styles, colors and fabrics for you. We’ll actually tell you what works for you and what doesn’t. And our custom-tailored suits, sport coats, shirts and slacks are measured, cut and sewn by master tailors using fine fabrics; so you get a great fit whether you’re a 36S or 60XL.

Real men do enjoy clothes shopping… when they shop at Davelle.

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