What is Power Casual?

How we are redefining our sportier looks to exude power.

We get it, you want to dress down and now with many careers, it is possible to bring casual Friday to the rest of the work week.  So, no tie required, right?  Well, the answer is no.  The personal power that wearing a tie brings does not become obsolete just because you are no longer wearing that suit on a daily basis.

Today’s casual “uniform” of open shirt and jacket does not allow for much in the way of standing out in the workplace nor does it create an individual sense of style.

Wearing a tie can be thought of as analogous to wearing “a superhero cape” creating a perception of increased intelligence and power by peers and supervisors.  In fact, a recent study commissioned by one of the largest international accessory manufacturers found that 71% of men say that ties make them feel more professional, 67% feel that neckwear helps them make an impression, and 63% say ties help them feel they have elevated their overall look.

Okay, so now we have established the idea of “power casual” how do we create the look?  Casual shirts can be paired with more narrow ties made of seasonal fabrics and jeans. Less formal looks can be coupled with looks that embrace nostalgia in the form of florals and or even art-deco type patterns.  Ties can even be paired with denim jackets.

The power-casual look above has been styled in-store with a versatile Eton shirt paired with blazer, striped tie, custom pocket square and light colored five pocket jeans by Alberto.

Dressing down, doesn’t mean dumbing down.   It’s all in the details.

To create your own personal power casual look schedule an appointment with one of our master stylists online or stop by today.

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