Your Personal Brand- How to Use your Clothing to Say it Right

 You can’t afford to take a vacation day when it comes to your personal brand.

Personal branding  has become a popular term, but what does it really mean and how do you determine your own personal brand?   Are you saying what you would like to and if not, is that affecting your success in achieving your personal and professional goals? Is it affecting how much your colleagues and superiors are paying attention to you?

Defining and determining

Have you ever noticed that some men can command a room?  If we think about popular consumer brands, your personal brand is the same.  Our appearance can be thought of as the packaging and our personal style and color palette akin to a personal logo.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you are not branding yourself just because you are not trying.  According to noted clinical psychologist, Linda Blair, ‘It takes only seven seconds for us to judge another person when we first meet them.”  Every day is a chance to make a statement and be that man who stands out in the office and in a crowd.  Think about Larry King and his suspenders, he has created a look and a personal brand based on how he dresses.

So, how do we begin?

One of the first steps to take is thinking about where you are now and where you want to go.  Are you looking for a promotion or new career?  Are you going through a significant life change?  Dress for it.  In the workplace, is there creativity in the dress code or is it a more formal environment?  Conversely, just because you work in a casual environment does not mean you have to dress without a sense of purpose.  Try a more powerful casual look.  Pair a tie with casual wear or try one of today’s modern luxury jeans with sartorial details.

Accessories are also a great way to add to your personal style. Ties, pocket squares, and bags can truly take your look from good to great.  It has been said that people open up more to a man wearing bright colors in the office.  Try to coordinate ties with your pocket squares as opposed to matching them.  You can do this by combining stripes with solids.  Paying attention to detail shows you are purposeful in how you dress, but can also add fun and set you apart from a sea of gray and charcoal.   Additionally, details like a leather bag, which adds style  shows that you care enough to carry something more evolved than a beat up laptop or backpack style bag.

Even the clothing you wear to the gym tells a story.  Today’s fabrics often add elastane for added stretch and proper fit.  Choose clothing that isn’t too tight and throw away the sweatpants with the holes in them.

Tailoring and dressing for your unique body shape are ways you can use clothing fit to show that you care about your appearance and to give off a more polished brand image.  Research your body type and shape and use colors and patterns to accentuate your best features and show off your personality.  If you have recently gained or lost weight, make sure your clothing reflects those changes.

Maintaining and Modifying your Brand

Most importantly be true to you, who you are and what you stand for. Think about the personality traits as well as the professional traits you would like to highlight.   Just like it takes seconds to make a judgement about another person, it doesn’t take long to tell when a person is being disingenuous.   Plan in advance and put together a wardrobe and a closet that works for you.  Try planning in advance what you will wear for the week.  Finally, find out from others what they think you are saying.  Just like marketers do for consumer products, research your own brand and what it is saying and how others perceive you.

Davelle Clothiers can help you find the look that tells the world your story. Let us help you think about your personal style and how to best achieve it using blendology, our unique form of combining custom and off the rack men’s clothing for a look that sets you apart and fits your unique body shape.  There is only one you, so show it off.   





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