Our Picks for Great Gifts- Ties

The holidays are the perfect occasion to give a tie as a special gift.  As we discussed last Father’s Day, the right tie will delight and honor your recipient.  The care you put into selecting the perfect choice will be evident to the recipient!
Here are a few gift recommendations from the experts at Davelle Clothiers:
I think this tie would make a great gift for someone who appreciates a contemporary look.  Made in Italy by Geoff Nicholson, it features an updated silhouette that is a bit slimmer width than other ties (8cm). They have taken a very traditional pattern and updated the coloring with the blue and brown combination, making it very versatile- perfect for several color families.
– Dan Fox, Vice-President of Merchandising
With these polka dots, this tie is perfect for the gentleman who is fashion forward.  I like the lavender color- great for fall and winter. This color is very popular right now.  This combination would look great with a navy, grey or charcoal suit.  A great addition to your recipient’s tie collection!
– Tim Bumba, Wardrobe Consultant
This tie from David’s Master Collection is so festive for the holidays.  The beautiful colors are a great twist on traditional holiday colors.  But this fun paisley is still versatile enough to look great all year long!
Rachel Dickson, Executive Assistant to David Eisele, Sr.

These are just a few ideas to get you started!  As always, we find the perfect item for you by discussing who it is for, their style, their lifestyle and their body type.   Happy gift giving!

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