Our Bodies Are Not “Off the Rack”

Our Bodies Are Not “Off the Rack”

bespokethingWe were truly surprised and amazed at how the garment fit without looking too tight or too baggy”

A True Client Case Study in Custom

As individuals one of the things we can pride ourselves on is the fact that we are all wonderfully genetically unique.   While our DNA plays a large role there are many environmental factors that make us who we are, both physically and psychologically.  So, why is it that when it comes to buying our clothing- we see ourselves as generic, being able to fit ourselves into clothing cut for the masses with no personal attention to our body shape or unique tastes?

Case in point, meet John Barksdale.  John is the owner of a construction company and his daily routine consists of dressing in casual pieces: shirts and jeans.  However, John was getting ready for the biggest day of his life, his wedding day.  John’s rigorous training in the gym gave him highly developed arms, sloping shoulders, and muscular and defined quadriceps. While proud of his hard work, he found that it was something that off the rack clothing did not take into account when cutting.  In fact, according to “Real Men Real Style” 95% of off-the-rack clothing is not made to accommodate men who train regularly in the gym. Clothing that fits these men in the shoulders is generally baggy in the lower torso area, often resulting in a sloppy appearance.

John worked with senior wardrobe consultant, Tim Bumba.  After trying on numerous off-the-rack options, it became clear that the only solution for Mr. Barksdale’s body was a custom- made garment in true bespoke fashion.   A truly custom item requires an experienced professional who knows where and how to measure.  The art of a bespoke tailor worthy of the name isn’t simply making clothing that fits, but making clothing that fits and makes the wearer look splendid.  (Ask Andy About Clothes)

Over 30 measurement were taken by hand for John and even his posture was looked at, to ensure his tuxedo lay perfectly and that he could feel as confident in his choice of suits as he was in his choice of bride.  Customization options were given to John to ensure he could be a truly active participant in the process and choose lapel type and width, buttons, vents, and most importantly fabric. A final fitting was performed to make any last-minute adjustments.  So what did Mr. & the new Mrs. Barksdale have to say about the process when it was all said and done?  “We are truly surprised at how superbly the garment fit, without looking too tight or too baggy and couldn’t be happier with the process, and the outcome.  What we experienced was true creativity”

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