MRket Show, Summer 2015

MRket Show, Summer 2015

I’m back froNew-York-Fashion-July-19-21-2015m NYC and have lots of exciting news to share! Armed with my camera to give you an inside look, I spent several full days hitting both the menswear show and several designer showrooms.

One of the many things that makes Davelle Clothiers so unique is the collection of designers and items in the store.  It all starts with the showroom visits and ordering process.  As an independent menswear store, we do things a little differently.  Well, a lot different actually!

As the Founder, Owner, and CEO of Davelle Clothiers, I personally evaluate and select ALL the items that I carry in the store.  This is a time consuming and intensive process, but it ensure that every piece I carry is right for my clients.

011915-MRKET-689A747054fa2b9f3f6b8-640x367It would be quicker and easier to select the vendors I want to feature in the store, then just order their entire spring line.  But as an independent store, we have extremely close personal one-on-one relationships with our clients.  We knew their preferences, their style and what will fit them best.   So I take the time to place my orders item by item, always striving for the right mix of dressy and dressy casual.   I think about how the whole store will work together, rather than just fill individual sections of the store by vendor.

Chain stores use regional buyers, who think they know the DC clients.  But I am able to use my expertise as the designer and the hands on knowledge as the wardrobe consultant to sift through the trends from season to season to know what to bring into my store.  This requires extensive and painstaking deliberation, but when the items arrive and you look around the store, you can see the uniqueness of the garments and how they are put together is unlike anywhere else.

011915-MRKET-689A740654fa2b9fe5219-180x135I believe it is well worth the time put into the curating process-  I hope you agree that the end result of the total store is really special.  It isn’t just sections of entire lines, but outfits and wardrobes put together across designers to create something unlike what you will find at any other store!  We can’t wait to show you the new spring items I selected on this trip, stay tuned for information on new arrivals!

11921 Freedom Dr. Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190 | 703.904.0011

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