Men’s Style Secrets Revealed, Case Study in Mesomorphs

Men’s Style Secrets Revealed, Case Study in Mesomorphs

The mesomorph is defined as an individual with an athletic physique, which is sometimes genetic but usually enhanced by sports or active weight training. The mesomorph generally has wider shoulders, a smaller waist, and has the enviable quality of being able to put on muscle more quickly than other body types.

Notable mesomorphs include: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and our own senior stylist, Tim Bumba.

So what do men like Tim and his fellow mesomorphs do to accentuate their body shape?  We asked for a few trade secrets and here is what was revealed.

States Bumba, “First, a well fitted garment is critical for the mesomorph body shape.”  He suggests, jackets with features such as natural light shoulder pads and an increased drop in  midsection. Slacks can get a bit more complicated, depending on muscle content and shape in the leg and buttock areas.   As a general rule, pants should not be too loose.  A  more tapered fit will enhance the athletic build.

In terms of patterns, pinstripes  whether fine or a bold, always work best for the mesomorph.  Vertical pinstripes serve to make the chest look wider while still accentuating a smaller waist.

So how do we put this altogether? For a striking mesomorph look, Tim pairs classic navy pinstripe jacket with  Eton shirt and complimentary gold colored tie and pocket square accents.

Find your perfect look no matter what your body type.  Stay tuned for additional stylists secrets revealed.  If you’ve resolved it’s time to invest in your style we can help.  Make an appointment with one of our experts.

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