Men’s Style Secrets, Dress for your Body Shape- Case Study in Endomorphs

Now more than ever, we realize there is no such thing as one standard men’s body shape. Thus, because we don’t all look the same not every look, no matter how trendy or fashionable will show off our physique.

Selecting the right style, cut and pattern(s) for your body shape will guarantee you look your best and get the maximum return on investment for the clothing in your wardrobe. After all, who wants to be stuck with a closet full of unworn clothing?

In prior posts, we have focused on the tall and slim, ectomorph and the more muscular, mesomorph. Today we reveal style secrets for the endomorph body shape.

So, what is an endomorph? This individual is a bit larger in appearance with a shorter build, long trunk, strong muscle in the upper leg area, and a higher fat to muscle ratio. This body type generally finds it difficult to lose weight. Well-known endormophs include: Steve Harvey, Seth Rogan, and our own Davelle stylist, Hussein Rassoul.

As an endomorph, Hussein recommends classic styles and monochromatic or subtle patterns. Rassoul advises his endomorph customers choose dress shirts with a standard collar and jackets with more structured shoulders.

Stay away from bolder designs or color patterns which will give the appearance of extra weight. Also, it is best to stay away from vertical pinstripes. It is a misnomer that pinstripes create a thinner appearance. In truth, the stripes create the opposite, giving an appearance of an outward angle and heavily exaggerating the body.

Shown above Hussein chooses a classic Canali look with single pleats, making the look both professional and maximizing comfort in the hip and waist area.

Ready to invest in your style?  Not sure of your body type?  Come in or make an appointment today and let us help you shine.  Confidence never goes out of fashion.

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