Stretch it out

Men’s jeans are changing to keep up with your life.

We all know, times are changing. Life moves more quickly, we are more on the go and often find ourselves moving from one environment to another without the added luxury of time to make a wardrobe change.

Luckily, our clothing manufacturers have caught on to this coupled with the fact that we are a more educated group of consumers, particularly in the DC metropolitan area, living a life that revolves around fitness and comfort.
We are seeking comfort that more closely parallels athletic clothing yet does not look like we have showed up for lunch in a pair of faded sweatpants. So what’s a man to do?

Enter the new generation of jeans. Not skinny jeans, and not “mom jeans” but classic tailored and tapered fits that add just a touch of elastane. (A synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity) The use of elastane creates an ability to move and to stretch with the body, allowing the wearer added comfort like athletic clothing without compromising on appearance. Perfect for travel, home, and everywhere in between.

Adding stretch makes for great comfort without compromising masculinity and ensures a fit that is comfortable and not too tight.

This makes sense as according to Cotton Incorporated’s Lifestyle Monitor, when buying new jeans: 64% of men now say fit is crucial to their denim purchases, followed by comfort (60%) and durability (54%).
A quality, luxury pair of denim adds completion to your wardrobe and should be a staple in every gentleman’s closet. Luxury denims add color and sartorial details with stretch that compliment every body shape and employ the use of eco-friendly dyes.

Not feeling comfortable in your current jeans? Need an upgrade? Stop by or contact us in-store and let us help you find the perfect fit to compliment your look and your lifestyle.

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