Image Granted: A Firsthand Behind the Scenes Look at Custom Shirt Creation

Image Granted: A Firsthand Behind the Scenes Look at Custom Shirt Creation

This blog post is a repost from the blog, Image Granted by Grant Harris.  Image Granted is a Washington, DC based menswear consultancy founded  in 2009 offering value- based image, style and fashion services for today’s global professional man.

If you live in the local DMV area and have a passing interest in men’s tailoring, you have most likely heard of Davelle Clothiers; a family owned and operated menswear business based in Reston, VA more known for its technology corridor than it’s three piece suits. However, founder and owner Mr. David Eisele has been in the business for over 30 years and is approaching style in the DMV with a steady hand and a shiny new location to boot.

Davelle Clothiers started in 1991 as a small mom and pop (without the mom) in Washington DC Union Station. As the product offering grew and popularity was on the rise, multiple locations were opened in the surrounding areas with Reston Town Center being the home of the atelier. Over the years Davelle Clothiers has been recognized by local/regional and national sources as a denizen of fine menswear selling a certain je nai se quoi that is hard to find in today’s tap and swipe– who points and clicks anymore?–society. Davelle’s unique approach to style is based on the concept of “Blendology” which the Davelle team defines as “the marriage of custom-made and off-the-shelf designers so clients can mix and match high-end tailoring to create their own personal style.” More on this concept later.

The old Davelle shop floor was based on an open floor plan where one can take in the whole of the product offering as one walk in the front door. While this lends a sense of awe and majesty at the sheer product offering on hand, it may intimidate those just becoming aware of their need for style assistance. While the space was inviting, it ultimately was dated by its carpet, and florescent lighting. In the new space the store is more compartmentalized for a bit of extra privacy, includes a wet bar, marble floors and updated lighting to display product in the ‘light’ it should be, pun intended.

To celebrate the new location of Davelle Clothiers we joined forces to create a custom dress shirt and introduce the Davelle process to newcomers while ensuring past customers feel a sense of comfort that new digs will not diminish their shopping experience. Mr. Eisele himself consulted with me to create an ivory 2 ply cotton twill french cuff shirt with thick MOP buttons and a spread collar to proudly display a four-in-hand knot which will be worn for my upcoming wedding and formal occasions beyond. Mr. Eisele’s process is smooth and seamless and is focused on highlighting casual elegance, but interjecting a level of fun and fancy.

Unfortunately, I’m only fancy on occasion so I declined contrast stitching and other embellishments of the sort. Fabric selection and measurements took all of 30 minutes. The shirt will be made on US soil in NYC and will be on site within 3 weeks. Upon arrival we will have another fitting which will be recorded here. In the meantime you can learn more about Davelle Clothiers HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Davelle Clothiers Grand Re-Opening Event Schedule

Friday 9/23  Ribbon Cutting with the Reston Chamber of Commerce from 1:00-2:00 featuring local celebrities, food, fashion, and a personal welcome from designer, David Eisele.

9/23  Tarara Winery wine tasting and light snacks 6:00-8:00

Thursday 9/22 VIP event catered by Passion Fish Reston.

For invites and/or press information, contact Ms. Margo Scholssberg at

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11921 Freedom Dr. Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190 | 703.904.0011

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