How to Navigate a Wardrobe Edit

A couple of weeks ago we talked about late summer being the perfect time for a wardrobe clean-out, but if you have a huge closet full of clothes, the idea of tackling it all can be overwhelming. What helps is having a clear game plan for what to keep, what to modify, and what simply needs to go. Here are a few guidelines that can help you make those very specific and sometimes difficult decisions.

Decide on your overall structure first. A lot of ill-advised impulse purchases happen when people haven’t really thought about what they want, or what kinds of clothes are right for them. Think about how you want to look when you walk down the street – not just this fall, but for the seasons to come. If you can get that look clearly established in your head, it’ll help you feel less uncertain when it comes time to make decisions about specific items.

Ditch the outdated styles. No, it’s not ‘fashionably retro’ to keep around items that are skin-tight or have lapels a mile wide. Some items simply do not translate when it comes to modern style, so don’t feel that you have to keep them around for nostalgia’s sake. If baggy slacks with pleats ever come into style again, you can always buy an updated pair when the time comes. Current styles should be well-fitting but not tight, and tailored where appropriate.

Focus on quality over quantity. If you have thirty pairs of jeans and you know you only ever wear the three that are easiest to reach in the closet, it’s time to start making some honest assessments. When dealing with a lot of one type of garment, lay them all out on the bed and start trying them on one-by-one. You might be surprised to find some buried treasures that you can bring back into rotation, or some items that have no business cluttering up your closet. Either way, you can start wearing the high quality items that really work for you, and clean up some space by donating the ones that don’t.

Get advice before you buy. With all the great new styles and fabrics that are coming out with each new season, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to buy every piece that looks good. When it’s time to start filling in the holes in your wardrobe that were uncovered by your wardrobe edit, ask someone who has expertise in this area before making any purchases. A skilled, objective eye can really be useful when it comes to helping you choose clothes that suit both your body and your style goals.

If you still feel hesitant about the idea of taking on such a big project on your own, we’re here to help!  With our closet edit service, we can assist you in making all the right choices about what works for your style goals, what you need to get rid of, and what items could help round out your wardrobe in time for the fall and winter.

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