How to Master the Art of Layering

How to Master the Art of Layering

Believe it or not, fall is officially here, and although the temperatures are still pretty warm at the moment, very soon it’ll be time to bundle up. In these transition months, it’s important to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions, which can be tricky if you always want to look your best. Here are some tips on how to layer like a pro, so that you’re both comfortable and stylish at all times, no matter what the weather!

  • The perfect first layer is a unique, high-quality tee. It’s important that it not be too bulky, too baggy, or wrinkled, because you don’t want it to distract from whatever you’re layering over it. If you can see lines or wrinkles underneath your collared shirt or sweater you’ve messed up before you’ve even started. In addition, shirts that are too bulky or big will make you appear bigger than you actually are once you start layering, and not in a good way, so make sure it fits well. Ideally you want your tee to be made of soft, thin, breathable cotton.
  • Remember that each piece has to work well on its own, so you need to choose high-quality items, but the pieces all have to work together, as well, so color choices are important. Different hues and tones of the same color look effortless and create depth and intrigue in a look, so keep colors tonal, and play around with greys, whites, and blacks, as they work well both with themselves and with other colors. Pair them together for a minimalist and clean look.
  • Ditch the crew neck sweater, and instead pair a turtleneck under a sport coat, or a mock-neck cardigan with a blazer. Play with hems and collars, but remember that outer hems should be longer than your inner hems. Bottoms of shirt sleeves should not poke out from your outer layering piece.
  • Don’t slack on the slacks! You can create drama with texture and patterns. A subtle check on pants, or light distress on jeans can make a huge difference to your overall look.
  • Keep details in mind as you’re choosing your outfit for the day. Scarves are your friend, and can add an interesting complexity to what would otherwise be a fairly simple outfit. Look at the buttons on your shirt – are they interesting? Does your sweater have leather or suede elbow patches? What are the textures of your items? Smooth and silky? Knit and soft? Buttery and supple?  All these details add up.

Here are some examples of how you can style some different looks for fall, using various tees as a base layer:

This blue Marcello Sport tee from Italy is made of high-performance cotton and hand-dyed, so each garment is just as unique as the owner. It makes a great base layer for a variety of fall outfits.  Another option is the Marcello tee in cotton and modal, which comes in washed colors that create a very masculine look.

Here we’ve taken a classic white Leopold tee and shown you how to rock it with the amazing brand new Eleventy deconstructed sport jacket. This is not a bargain basement tee – it has quality written all over it, from the stitching in the neckline to the breathability of the opaque, white cotton. This shirt won’t wear-and-tear, and will never turn yellow. It will keep looking just as bright as the day you bought it. 

And finally, here we’ve used a Tulliano ribbed knit tee as a foundation layer. Ribbed is in this season – it adds a subtle texture, which gives outfits an extra dose of effortless style. Consider this the basic white tee’s cooler, more sophisticated big brother.

Hopefully these ideas will leave you feeling inspired, and ready to create your own unique fall looks. Happy layering!

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