How to Look Sharp All Summer Long

How to Look Sharp All Summer Long

The summer season is upon us, and for the next three months (at least!) the struggle to stay cool will very definitely be real.  During the rest of the year, dressing stylishly is a fun game where you can experiment with fabrics and assemble outfits with as many layers as you like. When the weather starts to get unbearably hot, however, style often takes a back seat to dressing comfortably, and it can be tempting just to throw on an old t-shirt and cargo shorts and call it a day.  But there’s really no reason that you have to give up on being stylish in the summer; here’s how you can make dressing well in the hottest months both possible and comfortable.

Embrace the simplicity. Sure, it may feel limiting at first to have only one layer to work with when it’s too hot to wear anything more than that, but sticking with a simple shirt-with-shorts or pants combo makes it really easy to create some eye-catching looks with very little effort and expense.  Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, though – you can always give your outfit a spark with some well-chosen bracelets or other accessories.

Choose fabrics wisely.  This is the key to having summer outfits that are comfortable no matter how hot the weather gets.  Cotton, linen, or even tropical-weight wool are all natural, breathable fabrics that’ll help keep you cool even on the warmest summer days.  Quality matters, as well – better the quality of the fabric, more comfortable it will be in the peak summer months.  It’s worth the investment to have a few summer-only shirts that are specifically made with these considerations in mind, rather than trying to struggle through the season in the same shirts you wear year-round.

Have fun with color.  Summer is the one season when you can get away with colors that might feel like ‘too much’ in the cooler months.  That doesn’t mean you have to abandon all neutrals, of course – just one bright or light-colored piece can really help you find that summer vibe, and lighter colors have the added benefit of helping you stay cool in the sun.

Get shorty.  Shorts can be a tricky topic.  Some people don’t feel comfortable showing their legs; others feel too comfortable and err on the side of awkwardly revealing.  Wearing shorts the right way is something of an art, and the trick is finding a style of shorts that suits your body shape and keeps you cool without looking ridiculous.  The good news is that nice-looking, stylish shorts are possible no matter what your body type, so if you’ve always shied away from shorts but would like to give them a try, come in and speak to a wardrobe consultant about where to start.

Dressing well in the summer does have its challenges, but it can become easy and fun if you’re willing to go with the flow and try some new things.  Stay cool!

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