How To Do Trendy This Spring

How To Do Trendy This Spring

This blog was recently featured as a guest blog post on the Goodwill Fashionista blog.  They’re counting on us to relay expert menswear advice for their readers.  You can read the full post here:

What’s hot in menswear this spring?  Fashion magazines are reporting trends like double breasted jackets, metallics and cotton suits.

As a designer myself and someone who has worked in the menswear industry for over forty years, looking at the runway pictures and reading fashion articles is great fun.  But are any of these trends really for you?  What’s practical, and what will look good on you?

It isn’t easy to for men (or women) to find the right balance between trendy and traditional.  If you are always chasing the latest fads, your wardrobe quickly becomes outdated and useless.  Many trends just won’t look good on you- the cut is wrong for your body type, and the style isn’t a good fit for your personal image and personality.

Naturally, however, you still want to look current and stylish.  We can help you do both- be up to date while investing wisely and looking your best.

Start by building your wardrobe with high quality, versatile and long lasting garments.  The best designers create classics with a modern flare, as their clothing will last you for many, many years.  Think quality over quantity- less is more, so buy fewer pieces at the highest quality you can afford.

With your wardrobe foundation in place, now turn your attention to what is coming down the runway.  Incorporate the trends you see in accessories, such as ties, shoes, belts, and even socks or watches and hats.  These items will add pop and flair but you can replace them easily when they go of style.

Using color is another easy way to look current.  This season, the biggest colors are orange and turquoise.  This is great news for you gentleman, as orange is a color that looks great on everyone, and it is easy to coordinate with both warm and cool colors.

Orange is actually one of my favorite colors!  I love the richness and vibrancy.  A stylish orange tie will make your classic suits look great!  Add a pocket square with touches of orange to really complete the look.  Or pick up a new dress shirt with orange accent stripes or patterns to go with your classic suit.  Finally, add cognac colored shoe and you’ll present and image that is both classy and on trend!

With the change of seasons the fashion world is full of energy and excitement over new fashions.  Infuse your wardrobe carefully and thoughtfully with a few select trends and you’ll feel fashionable and confident in your style!

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