How to Differentiate Yourself in the Business World

How to Differentiate Yourself in the Business World

In a world where there are countless qualified people in every field, it’s easy to get lost in the mix.  Watching others get promotions or other opportunities that could have been yours is frustrating.  It’s not enough just to be good at what you do – you have to make yourself unforgettable in some way.  Here are a few tips for using your style as a tool to give yourself that winning edge.

Make your A-game the new normal.  Do you usually dress down for work, only putting in your best effort every once in a while?  Well, that’s what a lot of businesspeople are doing these days, and that’s why they all look the same.  Now more than ever, if you go the extra mile to look your best every single day, you’re going to stand out and be memorable in a way that others simply aren’t.  That’s going to give you a big advantage.

Prioritize quality.  It can be so tempting to go for bargains and let your wallet lead the way when you’re choosing new clothes, but you already know there’s a significant difference in how you look when you stick to the best quality pieces instead.  If you notice it, then you can rest assured that others do, as well, so don’t skim on things like fabrics and proper tailoring.

Take some risks to stand out from the crowd. These days, all anyone can talk about in the business world is innovation and disruption, so natural risk-takers have a head start when it comes to succeeding in that environment.  But even if you usually play it safe, you can make the deliberate choice to start expanding your horizons when it comes to your style.  It’s surprising what a domino effect it can have – developing the confidence to create your own unique looks can lead to confidence in many other areas.

Give people what they’re looking for.  Being memorable and taking risks doesn’t mean dressing outlandishly; it means seeing what others are missing and stepping up to fill that role.  In a sea of people who all dress very similarly, if you can be the breath of fresh air that people have been looking for, they’ll be naturally drawn toward you and will want to hear what you have to say.

Finding those important differentiations is the name of our game, so if you need some pointers to get you moving in the right direction, we can help.

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