How to Define Casual in Style

How to Define Casual in Style

In terms of dress codes, the word casual does not mean what it used to. Sure, some people still make at least somewhat of an effort on Casual Fridays, but for many, the line between “comfortable” and “sloppy” has become very blurred indeed. It’s time to reclaim what casual really means, and redefine it in the context of developing your own unique style.

Remember that “casual” does not mean “lazy”. A casual dress code or casual office isn’t a free license to give up on dressing well. On the contrary, it’s a chance to show that you can adapt to a range of styles and that you know how to dress no matter what the circumstances. But style doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, either – if you choose the right cuts and the right fabrics, you can be even more comfortable in nice clothes than in old shorts and a worn-out t-shirt. Bonus: your self-confidence will be boosted and you’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Picture your ideal Saturday. Let’s say you’re out in public, so we’re not talking about sitting around the house in boxers – what would you wear for your ideal Saturday out? Maybe you’re walking through the park with your significant other, having a nice meal at a restaurant, or even going on a little road trip. You want to feel relaxed and happy, but you also want to know that you look good, so what kind of outfit would you put together if you could choose anything? Let the picture in your head help guide your choices when it comes to selecting those perfect casual pieces that match your personal style. You have a unique vision, and it’s important (and fun!) to honor that.

Think about transitions. Let’s say it’s the middle of the week, and you’re going to be spending a couple of hours in your air-conditioned office in the morning, then you’ve got lunch outdoors with a friend in the afternoon, followed by a fun date in the evening with someone special. If all of these activities are on the casual end of the spectrum, what should you wear so that you’ll be dressed appropriately no matter what? If you structure your wardrobe properly by planning your strategy ahead of time, you’ll have quite a few different pieces that you can mix and match – something comfortable and layered for the cooler morning, simplified without the extra layers for lunch in the warm sunshine, and then a well-matched jacket to take you into the evening. One outfit, three looks, always sharp and put together perfectly.

Remember, comfortable clothes don’t have to be loose and shapeless, and nice-looking casual wear isn’t stuffy. With our Cupertino Casual looks, you can have the best of both worlds – edgy yet refined, comfortable yet polished. The possibilities are endless!

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