How Quality Beats Quantity Every Time

One of the biggest things people get wrong about dressing well is how much it costs. There’s a pervasive misconception that there’s no point in trying to dress well unless you have endless amounts of disposable income. The truth, though, is that most people race through their clothing budget buying the wrong things, and buying too many items. Here’s how to spend your budget the right way, and get better quality clothing instead of a closet full of cheap pieces you don’t really need.

Have a strategy. Do you have a couple of outfits you wear over and over, and then dozens of others that you’ve worn only once or twice? Items that collect dust at the back of a closet are evidence of a lack of planning. We’re so accustomed to buying a new outfit for every occasion that comes along, that we don’t stop to think about how that outfit fits in with what we already have and with the kind of look we want to achieve. This is how overspending on too many outfits gets out of control. If you focus on buying pieces that fit in with your overall wardrobe strategy, then you’ll never have to panic before an event, because you’ll always have multiple options for any occasion.

Learn how pieces work together. The key to having the best wardrobe possible is to understand how you can match pieces up from different outfits to create new looks. If you’re only wearing your suit as a complete suit, then you’re missing out on opportunities to use the slacks or jacket separately with other pieces. Buying pieces with mixing and matching in mind can increase the value of the individual items by making them exponentially more versatile.

Be careful about letting your wallet lead the way. There’s nothing wrong with shopping at a sale – it’s a great way to save some money. The problem comes if you just go for the cheapest items that catch your eye, without thinking about how you’ll make them work in context. A low number on a price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that a piece is going to be something that fits well into your existing wardrobe, or even something that you’ll wear often. You’ll be better off and make your budget stretch further by buying fewer items that you’ve put more thought into, items that you’ll actually wear and that will add something special to what you already have.

You’ll be surprised by how much you can upgrade your look just by getting your closet in order and shifting your approach to how you shop. If getting it all organized seems like an overwhelming task, ask for help! Our wardrobe specialists are here to help you understand how to make the most of what you currently have, and how to expand your wardrobe in the most effective way.

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