How Dressing Well Affects Your Whole Life

How Dressing Well Affects Your Whole Life

Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it ’til you make it”? Despite how it may sound on the surface, it’s not about a lack of authenticity or pretending to be someone you’re not. It’s actually about the undeniable power of the domino effect, and how one deliberate shift in your behavior can set you on a course that can change your entire life for the better.

Your attitude and mindset can affect how you act, but the opposite is true, as well. Making the choice to prioritize your outward image can be the catalyst for many other changes, both external and internal. Dressing well and caring about your appearance will draw attention to you in a good way, and this in turn can make people treat you differently. Like it or not, image matters in this world when it comes to who gets ahead and who doesn’t, and giving yourself every advantage by looking your best is a good way to move toward positive developments in every area of your life.

There’s also a more personal aspect to the benefits of dressing well. Seeing yourself in the mirror every day looking sharp and ready to conquer is incredibly motivating, and motivated people behave in ways that get them closer to their goals. It’s easy to see how this kind of psychological trick snowballs over time, as dressing for success gives you the confidence to do bigger and better things, and having those successes under your belt then fosters even greater pride in your appearance. It’s a never-ending cycle of win-win situations.

With the recent trend toward a return to sophistication and glamour in business wear, now is the perfect time to prove to yourself that the clothes can indeed make the man. In a throwback to the power-suit days of the 1980s, pinstripes have made a huge comeback, as have structured shoulders and bolder silhouettes. Think Michael Douglas in Wall Street – if skinny pants have been the bane of your existence these past few years, fear not, for your time has come. Every time you walk into a room, everyone will feel your presence, and you’ll notice the difference within yourself, as well.

Just because there’s a lot of power and strength in the latest business looks doesn’t mean that the new you of the new year can’t be casual, as well. You can even pair those pinstripe pants with a geometric sweater and go straight from the office into a night on the town. Here again, knowing that you look great will have a huge effect on how you behave and how people respond to you – you’ll almost certainly notice a significant difference in the quality of your social interactions when you dress well and carry yourself accordingly.

Now that it’s January and we’re squarely into the new year’s resolution territory, it’s the perfect opportunity to transform your wardrobe in order to start transforming your life. Start making those little changes now, and watch how the rest of your life starts changing, too!

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