Four Ways to Become the Style Icon You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Have you always been envious of those guys who look great all the time, the ones who turn heads every time they walk into a room? Here’s a little tip: there’s no magic to it, and any guy (yes, that means you) can be a style icon in his own right. If you’ve always felt that you were on the outside looking in, here are some tips to get you on the road to being the style icon you deserve to be.

1. Know that it’s all in your head. The shift to becoming “that guy” is almost entirely psychological – getting the look is just the icing on the cake. You get to decide who you want to be and how you want to present that to the world, so making the decision and the commitment is ninety percent of the battle. Shopping for the right clothes is the fun part that comes afterward!  Being stylish is an internally-cultivated attitude first and foremost.

2. Get some good advice. Building a solid wardrobe is an investment in more ways than one, so you don’t want to just start buying things randomly, as you’ll end up with a closet full of costly mistakes that you won’t wear very often. Speak to a professional wardrobe consultant, who can advise you on the best pieces for your style goals, body type, and budget. There’s nothing like the feeling of looking in your closet and seeing nothing but outfits that will look great on you, so it’s worth it to do some planning before buying anything.

3. Let your intuition guide you. The thing that sets truly stylish men apart is that they don’t follow fads – they create their own timeless style that isn’t subject to the whims of fashion. This takes a willingness to explore your creative side – ]if something feels right, try it, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Taking risks is part of what being stylish is all about, and the bolder you are on the outside, the bolder you’ll start feeling on the inside. It’s a positive cycle that you can build on over time.

4. Prepare for changes. At first it will feel like your new look is the change you were searching for, but that’s only the beginning. Looking your best all the time can lead to a lot of other great changes, both personal and professional. Get ready for more attention and respect to come your way from friends, colleagues, business associates, and just about everyone else you meet.

The time is now to look better than you ever thought you could – date night, wedding season, business meetings and beyond, our suits will take you places.

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