Four Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

There’s no getting around it – the hottest days of summer are here!  Even if summer is your favorite season, things can get very uncomfortable if your lifestyle involves being dressed well year-round. Looking sharp and stylish is certainly a challenge if you don’t want to suffer in the heat, but here are four options you can explore that will help keep you cool in every sense of the word.

1. Stretch fabrics. Stretch fabrics have become increasingly sophisticated over the past few years, and it’s now possible to have a summer suit or jacket that is light, flexible, and comfortable all at the same time. Stretch fabrics also pack well, which makes them ideal for traveling, and they transition seamlessly between work and leisure situations.

2. Tropical weave. One of the biggest advances in modern fashion are lightweight, plain weave fabrics referred to as “tropical weave.” Tropical weave cloth breathes better than a twill weave, making it perfect for a summer suit. Dormeuil in particular has a variety of tropical weave options that are woven with long filament merino fiber, which makes them crease-resistant in addition to the comfort factor. They also offer tropical weave fabrics with water and stain resistance, as well, so you’ll be prepared for any travel context or sudden change in weather.

3. Relaxed structure. Summer is the one season where you can really get away with relaxing a little, and a deconstructed jacket can be the perfect way to bend the rules and mix style with comfort. Deconstructed summer jackets usually have no shoulder pads or lining to weigh them down, and they can be worn with a button-down, a polo, or even a t-shirt. You can get a deconstructed jacket in a range of fabrics depending on where you plan on wearing it; if you enjoy making a statement, summer is also a great time to experiment with getting a deconstructed jacket in a bolder color than you might normally wear.

4. Custom garments. If you feel like you know what your perfect summer outfit would be but you haven’t been able to find it anywhere, come in and speak to a wardrobe consultant about making your vision a reality. For example, you might want to look into getting a custom polo in a light, breathable fabric and a cut that flatters your body type, or you could have a summer suit made specifically for your requirements in the hotter months. The possibilities are truly endless.

Whatever your summer needs, there’s a solution out there that’s both elegant and comfortable, so have fun choosing an option that works for you!

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