Four Menswear Mistakes that can Cost you that Job

1. Dressing  inappropriately for the industry you are interviewing in 

We get it.  If you are interviewing for a job in a more casual environment it is tempting to go casual.  A start-up obviously tends to have a very different vibe and style of dress than a more formal banking environment.  The best thing you can do is to research the industry and the organization to see what the style and standard of dress is.  When in doubt, many professionals suggest calling the human resource department and asking what is appropriate.  The biggest mistake that casual dress invites and one of the biggest complaints heard by human resource managers is that casual clothing is interpreted as overly casual and ill-fitting or just downright sloppy.  Use accessories to accent your look and make sure clothing does not look out of date Don’t be that guy that walks in with the 80s looking suit that he just pulled out of the closet for this interview. 

2. Wearing clothing that does not fit properly

A man who wears a suit that does not fit properly can actually be viewed as lacking confidence or being “an amateur”.  Unfortunately, no matter how senior you are in terms of experience,  this is something that can undermine the appearance of being qualified for the job.  Make sure pants are the right length, shirts aren’t too tight and pay attention to details like button quality and linings.  If your jacket drapes across the back or front, it is too large, you need a smaller size.  If there is sagging or dropping in the sleeves, the shoulder size is too large. Find a smaller size.

3. Wearing clothing that is not seasonably appropriate 

Sweating through your suit is not a good look.  Wear appropriate fabrics to combat things like summer heat and humidity.   “Test out” clothing before you wear it by moving around and seeing how the fabric breaths.   Lightweight fabrics, like linen, have a tendency to crease so make sure that clothing is dry cleaned and pressed prior to wearing.

4. Lack of attention to detail or going overboard with the details

A bit of color is great.  Too much color is hard on the eyes and is kind of like screaming “fire!” at the top of your lungs.  The same is true for louder prints.   According to Career Builder, wearing the color blue is perceived by others as someone who is loyal and can be trusted.  It exudes trust and confidence

Paying attention to details like your briefcase and shoes shows a polished and put together look which translates into someone who is capable, competent and cares about their appearance.

The right interview outfit will show you are the man for the job.  Don’t let fashion faux pas steal your thunder.

Davelle Clothiers with 25 years in the menswear industry can assist you in putting together the perfect interview outfit.  We offer custom tailoring and our signature concept, blendology, mixing custom-made and off the rack designers for a fit and style that shows you off.


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