For the First Time Ever, a Custom Shirt Sale!

For the First Time Ever, a Custom Shirt Sale!

IMG_1900You have been asking for this for years, and we’re finally delivering this very special, very unique offer!  For the first time ever, we’re offering a custom made shirt sale- buy four, get one free.  This might not happen again, so tell your friends and colleagues and schedule your appointment now!

This is a rare opportunity to embrace the great quality and value of custom clothing and make a powerful statement.  What statement will you make?

First, you will make it known that you care enough to present yourself in the best possible way, that you hold high standards and impeccable taste.  You esteem yourself highly enough to wear the finest quality handmade garments.

But even more, custom clothing allows you to go beyond and make an individualized statement, because with your custom selections and choices you are able to express your unique personality and style.  With your Wardrobe Consultant, you will work together to combine your fabric selection and design direction to create a one of a kind garment.  And in  the process, we’ll make sure your personality is expertly communicated.

IMG_1904The custom shirt sale features the finest high end Italian luxury cotton fabrics.  Choose from over 230 fabrics from solids to the most interesting patterns.  Also featured are British Cloth fabrics from the Prince Edward Series.

Both fabrics are known for their sturdiness and longevity.  Their richness comes from the way they have been woven and loomed, with the difference being highly apparent from IMG_1908other fabrics in how they lie on the body.  They don’t lie flat, instead they give a dimensional appearance unlike other lesser quality fabrics.

In addition to hundreds of the best fabrics to choose from, our custom shirts also feature the following:

  • Double lining
  • 20 stiches per inch, with no pulling at the seams
  • High quality, break-resistance buttons
  • Unlimited styles & choices (additional charges may apply)
  • 30 day guarantee of satisfaction

This custom made shirt sale ends August 12th, don’t miss out on the chance to update and enhance your wardrobe through with custom shirts while saying something about who you are with the very best.


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