Five Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

Five Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s a jungle out there!  The business world is a chaotic and competitive place. Today’s social scene isn’t much easier, either – these days, if you can’t keep up, you simply get left behind. So how do you make yourself unforgettable in a world where it’s so easy to be forgotten? Here are five things you can do to set yourself apart from everyone around you.

1. Set high personal standards. The era of Casual Fridays has slowly expanded into the whole week, and gradually into our entire lives. People are going to work every day in khaki pants and polo shirts, and some are even in jeans. While that might be technically acceptable, all you have to do to rise above the rest is have personal standards that are higher than the norm. These days it’s ridiculously easy to exceed that benchmark, which is why it’s surprising that so few people do it. You can choose to be one of those few.

2. Be detail-oriented. In everything from your image to your work ethic, pay attention to details, because they matter. Sure, most people wouldn’t bother. But you’re not most people.

3. Practice extreme accountability. You know what separates a leader from a follower? Leaders are accountable. They don’t pass the buck, and they don’t blame others when things go wrong. True accountability is a rare trait, and if you can cultivate it in every aspect of your life, it’s one that will definitely put you on another level. If something needs fixing, be the one who steps up and gets it done. If you see areas in your own life that could use improvement, don’t hesitate to take responsibility for making those changes.

4. Stay consistent. It’s so easy to get complacent over time, to start out strong but then eventually fizzle out as you buy into the idea that “good enough” is, well, good enough. If you ask more of yourself not just today, but every single day, you’ll give yourself an advantage that most people never experience. When it comes to real transformation, consistency is the most difficult factor to conquer!

5. Be kind. There’s a certain stereotype that ambitious, confident men are also arrogant and difficult to deal with. You can be the person who surprises everyone by breaking that stereotype. Be kind and generous – with your time, with your money, and with your attention. Recognize that you are privileged, and do your best to share that privilege with others who aren’t as fortunate. After all, a rising tide raises all the boats, so there’s no downside.

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