Five Ways to Become the King of Denim

Jeans. We all have them, and yet for so many men they’re not much more than an afterthought. These days, though, denim is bigger than ever, and a well-chosen pair of quality jeans can really round out your wardrobe. If you want that classic denim look with a modern flavor, here are five things you should definitely be doing.

1. Get the basic look right. Have you ever seen someone who looks awkward or out-of-place in jeans? Don’t be that guy. It’s all about the right texture and fit, and relaxed is what you’re aiming for. You want something that’s tapered but not too skinny, with a natural wash that doesn’t lean so much on the fake whiskering that was all the rage five or ten years ago. In other words, you want jeans that look broken in, but not worn out.

2. Go retro. Remember the big jeans revival in the ’90s? Well, that look is back again with some modifications. Think grunge with a touch of gravitas; pair the vintage grey wash with a pair of Chelsea boots for a balanced look. This is a great choice for men who like a looser, more relaxed fit, and it’s an excellent way to turn casual into cool.

3. Don’t shy away from white. Before you cringe, give this look a fair shot. A lot of men steer clear of white simply because they can’t picture how it would fit into their wardrobe, but a well-chosen pair of white jeans can go with just about everything. The trick to avoiding being eye-catching in the wrong way is to stick to jeans that are slightly off-white, rather than a stark, bright shade. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and classic, and choose a darker shoe for a sophisticated contrast.

4. Double your denim fun. Double denim is a very tricky trend to pull off, so tread carefully, but if you can get it right it will really pay off. The key is not to be too matchy-matchy – you’re not looking to create a denim suit here. What you are looking to do is find two contrasting denims and pair them up in a creative way. Try black jeans with a blue denim shirt, or dark, straight-cut jeans with a lighter denim jacket for true casual chic.

5. Steal your dad’s aesthetic. Dad denim is probably one of the most unexpected trends to hit the style world, but its appeal is undeniable. Intentionally unpretentious and basic, dad denim is all about recapturing the look of those loose, faded jeans your dad used to wear on weekends around the house. Talk about looking effortlessly stylish – the more unfussy this look is, the more you’re doing it right.

There are lots of fantastic jean styles available right now, so it’s a great time to come in and have some fun trying them out – we have a large variety of distinctive, stylish jeans, including unique denims from Europe!

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