Five Ways to Make a Bold Style Statement in 2018

Five Ways to Make a Bold Style Statement in 2018

So the new year is finally here, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all looked forward to this opportunity for a fresh start.  If you’re feeling like it’s time to get back to basics and rebuild yourself from the ground up, here are a few things you can do to bolster your personal style and make a bold statement that will carry you confidently through the ups and downs of the year.

Get fit.  No, we’re not talking about losing weight or exercising (though those are certainly worthwhile goals!). We’re talking about ditching the “close enough” approach to sizing, and opting instead for clothes that actually fit you.  It’s shocking how many men have never had their measurements taken, and never experience what it’s like to wear clothes that fit correctly and play up to their strengths.  It makes a huge difference, and is probably the most important factor in the overall power of your personal style.

Invest in good fabrics. There’s a reason we only use the finest English and Italian fabrics for our clothing – it’s because they’re the highest quality! It’s actually more cost-effective to have fewer outfits of better quality, than to buy a lot items made from cheap fabrics.  Not only will the quality fabrics last much longer, but they move with the body in a way that cheaper fabrics just can’t compete with.  The result is that you feel better and look better, and that in turn will come across in how you carry yourself.

Switch up your tie game.  Your choice of tie can be the difference between making or breaking an outfit, and if you tend to wear the same three ties over and over, year in and year out, it’s definitely time to come in and speak to a Wardrobe Consultant about refreshing your collection and bringing it up to date.  A tie is not just an afterthought; it’s an essential style element that can significantly change your entire look, so don’t underestimate its importance.

Experiment with accessories.  This can be a difficult one to convince yourself to try if you’ve never done it before, but once you see the effect that accessories can have on your look, you’ll immediately understand why all the most stylish men wear them.  Don’t shy away from things like bracelets or pocket squares – they can really bring the wow factor!

Put your best foot forward. If you consider your shoe choice to be an afterthought, it’s time to start giving your feet the attention they deserve.  Great-looking shoes don’t have to be uncomfortable, and in fact the more comfortable your feet are, the more confidently they will carry you through your day.  So choose wisely, and choose shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

Here’s to creating a great year, and to looking your best while you do it!

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