Five Tips for Smart Shopping

Five Tips for Smart Shopping

Our latest Guest Blogger post for the Goodwill Fashionista:

IMG_1182August is a fantastic time to shop!  Everyone is looking forward to the fall season and ready to freshen up their wardrobe with new items.  And, you’ll find great value on end of season summer items as well as new fall garments.  The selection at the change of seasons can be fantastic.

There is plenty to tempt you, to be sure.  But whether you are shopping at a locally owned independent store like mine, or even shopping for great vintage clothing at Goodwill, here are some tips to be a smart shopper.

The underlying theme here is caution!  By following these five rules you will ensure you are being thoughtful, and purchase clothing that looks and feels great.

1.  Even when you find great deals on vintage or sale clothing, don’t buy it unless you would have bought it at full price.  Does it make sense to pay full price for it?  This reality check will ensure the items don’t just sit in the back of your closet.  If you like it enough to have paid full price, you can be sure it fits properly, is the right style, and will get worn regularly!

2.  Always try it on, preferably in a three-way mirror so you can see the back, the drape and the sides.  You will know if it doesn’t fit you and it won’t fit any better at home than it does in the store.  Be honest with yourself and put it back if it doesn’t fit.  And if you think it looks bad because of the lights in the store, think again!

3.  When you try it on, remember that too big is better than too small.  You can tailor something that is too big, but if it is too small it won’t fit any better once you get it home.

4.  Quality over quantity!  One quality, well fitting items is better than two cheap ill fitting garments.

5.  Try on shoes in the afternoon, preferably between 1 and 5 because that is the time of day when you foot has expanded the most.   Before that you won’t get the right fit and it will be too tight and the shoes will be uncomfortable for daily use.

A  lot of gentleman in particular hate to shop.  They are concerned about making the right decision, or spending too much and would rather just not make decisions. But if you use caution and a little discipline, and stick to these rules, you will make wise decisions and know in your heart you are making wise investments in the right items.

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