Five Style Adjustments You Should Prepare for This Spring

The official change of seasons is just about upon us, which means we’ll all soon be casting off those extra layers and getting back to the basics of spring and summer. Here are five things you can start preparing for now, so that you have your wardrobe up-to-date and ready for the next few months.

1. Warmer temperatures. It may be hard to imagine at the moment, but rest assured that you’re going to have to deal with some scorching hot temperatures sooner than you realize. This doesn’t mean you have to lower your style standards, though – today’s high-performance luxury fabrics mean that you can keep looking your best, no matter what the weather.

2. Longer days. Shorter nights and more sunshine means more opportunities to experiment with brighter colors, and multifunction dressy-casual outfits that can take you from daytime activities straight into the evening. Light layers can ensure that you’re prepared for a moderate dip in temperature when the sun does finally go down.

3. More time spent outside. Weekend barbecues, sports events, or drinks on the back deck with friends – the spring and summer are going to be full of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. This means you’re going to need quality shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for extended time outside, and outfits that will cover a range of activities. There’s no need to compromise; you can have the the most polished looks and still be comfortable, no matter what impromptu get-together pops up in your schedule.

4. Travel. Whether you’re planning work trips, an extended family vacation, or a no-holds-barred luxury trip to Europe, you’re going to need clothes that can be just as flexible as you are when it comes to travel. Choosing the right fabrics is the key here, and this is where it’s even more important than usual to stick to the best. The trade-off will be looking like a million bucks every single day of your trip, without all the stress of worrying about how you’re going to keep your outfits in good condition.

5. Wedding season. Somehow these things always pop up when you least expect them, so it’s always good to be prepared. Chances are you’ll get invited to at least one wedding sometime in the middle of this year, but even if that doesn’t happen, there’s always bound to be an outdoor summer soirée or another event for which you’ll need a more formal (but still weather-appropriate) ensemble. Don’t get caught off-guard!

Spring is the perfect time to come in and start getting these essentials in order. Not only can you make good use of them right now, but when the summer comes, you can simply relax and let the good times roll!

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