Five Steps to Stepping Up Your Style in 2020

Five Steps to Stepping Up Your Style in 2020

Now that we’ve got a fresh new year (and decade!) ahead of us, it’s time to start making good on those ever-present resolutions. People often say they want to look better in the new year; updating and upgrading your wardrobe is a great way to start making those positive changes immediately. If you’re ready for a complete style overhaul in 2020 so that you can look your absolute best, here are five tips to help it all go as smoothly as possible.

1. Plan before you buy. Don’t throw money away on a closet full of random items bought on a whim. There’s a system to creating a strong wardrobe, a certain flow to the way everything works together. A well-planned wardrobe is a good investment that will see you through many seasons, and can be added to easily over time.

2. Know what looks good on you. Are you familiar with what your colors are?  Do you know what cuts and styles go best with your body type?  A consultation with a style expert can help you learn all these things and more. Being familiar with what kinds of pieces look good on you takes the biggest frustration out of shopping, because you can look at an item and know right away whether it’s likely to suit your body or not.

3. Choose quality over quantity. We’ve spoken about this before, but it bears repeating – buying a lot of cheap clothes is not a better value than buying a few well-chosen, high quality pieces that you’ll have for a long time. Quality pieces not only look nicer and last longer, but they’re also kinder on the environment , so they’re a preferable choice all around.

4. Step out of your comfort zone. A lot of guys stick with styles that are middle-of-the-road, and frankly pretty boring. While you don’t have to dress outlandishly to stand out from the crowd, when you’re developing your own style it helps to be able to think outside the choices you normally would have made in the past. Even just exploring things like new colors can make a big difference, so be aware when you catch yourself gravitating toward your old, comfortable standbys.

5. Have fun. If you’ve always thought of clothes shopping as a chore, now’s the time to start changing all that. The joy of buying quality clothing is a self-perpetuating cycle – the better your clothes look on you, the more you’re going to enjoy shopping for new clothes, and the more you see shopping as enjoyable, the more likely you will be to choose clothes that look good!

Making better style choices is a a great goal to have at any time of year. If you’re ready to step it up and set your own trends for 2020 but you’re not sure where to start, come in and speak to a style consultant, who can help you get started right away!

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