Fashionable vs Stylish – Which One Do You Want to Be?

Fashionable vs Stylish – Which One Do You Want to Be?

“Fashion” and “style” – what do those two words mean to you?  Although they’re not mutually exclusive, they’re not the same, either. If you’re concerned that you keep spending money on new clothes but continue to feel like you’re not really hitting the mark, you might need to start letting go of fashion and embracing style.

  • A fashionable man’s closet is full of clutter and outdated clothes because he constantly has to be keeping up with the latest fads, which only last a season or two at the most. A stylish man’s closet is full of thoughtfully-chosen items that work together as a unified whole, increasing the number of outfits while cutting down on the number of necessary individual pieces.
  • Being fashionable is expensive and requires a lot of effort to keep up with all the latest looks. Being stylish only requires purchases that blend effortlessly into your existing wardrobe, with each added piece immediately creating numerous new possibilities of outfit combinations.
  • Fashionable men disappear into the crowd because they’re wearing the same things that everyone else is wearing during any given season. Stylish men stand out from the crowd because they wear clothes that reflect their individual personalities. They set trends rather than following them.
  • It can be difficult and frustrating for a fashionable man to put outfits together on a day-to-day basis, because so much of his wardrobe is based on specific looks that were trendy at a particular moment in time, and those looks don’t necessarily combine well with anything else or flatter his shape. For a stylish man, mixing and matching pieces to create outfits is easy and enjoyable, because the pieces were all chosen with an overall style in mind, and they’re all appropriate for his body type.
  • A fashionable man relies on the latest fads to tell him what to buy, so the resulting wardrobe can look confusing, random, and even a bit ridiculous. A stylish man, on the other hand, buys items that fit in with his wardrobe plan. That said, he is not restricted from a bit of risk-taking, and can still incorporate some on-trend items or unusual pieces that contribute to the overall look. The result is a wardrobe that comes across as cohesive, sophisticated, and always fresh.

If you’re tired of being fashionable and ready to start being stylish, we want to help. Between now and November 4th, bring your outdated and impulse-buy clothes in to our annual Trade-In Sale, where you can get deep discounts on stylish looks that can help you build your dream wardrobe. Best of all, you can give back to the community, as all donations and a portion of the proceeds benefit Goodwill.

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