Does it Matter What I Wear for Valentine’s Day?

Does it Matter What I Wear for Valentine’s Day?

Big plans for Valentine’s Day?  You have probably (or hopefully) put some time and thought into what you’re doing and where you’re going.  But make sure you put the same care into your preparations on what to wear.

Securing your date for the evening and making a reservation isn’t enough for this or any other special occasion.  The same rules we preach about dressing for the workplace apply!

Don’t think that how you look doesn’t matter.  In the workplace, you might think that if you are highly qualified for the job you can wear whatever you want.  Not true, and neither is it true that just because you “got the girl” doesn’t mean you can cut corners on your appearance.  Show your confidence and how invested you are with a well put together and stylish look.

Or perhaps you aren’t going out or are keeping it low key.  This is akin to the “my office is casual” trap.  Don’t let casual equal sloppy!  Instead, make sure your casual attire is infused with some polish with high quality clothing and some accessories.

Finally, there is the “but my significant other/romantic interest/co-workers/boss will treat me the same no matter what I wear” myth.  True, those around you professionally and personally care about more that just how you look.  But if you care about your appearance it will reflect positively on you- showing you have self confidence and take pride in yourself, your relationships and your work.

We all know that most men go for the lowest common denominator- comfort!  But if you care about the way you look you have an impact on your life and those around you.  People respond to you differently in every setting, and it shows you care enough about yourself and other to put in the extra time and energy.  So rise to the occasion of this special day.

Women love to dress up and look great.  Honor them by doing the same and together you will look and feel great.  Have a great time and enjoy the compliments you will receive as one good looking couple!

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