Davelle Clothiers Premier Suit Programs: Off the Rack

Davelle Clothiers Premier Suit Programs: Off the Rack

SHP_9930-Edit Impeccable suits are the heart and soul of Davelle Clothiers.  Obviously they are the foundation of a gentleman’s business wardrobe, but with so many choices out there, it can be frustrating and difficult to make the right investments.

So we’re featuring a three part special series in our blog on the Davelle Suit Programs.   We’re unlike any other menswear store in that we offer the best off the rack designers, along with made- to- measure and a true bespoke program.

Why do we offer all three, and what does that mean to you?  We put a lot of care and thought into those questions, and here you’ll learn all about it, starting with the off the rack program.

As a high end men’s store, we could potentially only offer custom suits.  But we understand that some of our clients haven’t yet determined their own style and are still exploring different looks and designs.  There are a lot of decisions in custom suits, and not everyone is ready for that.

Off the rack suits are also perfect for those with immediate needs.  Some clients don’t have the time to get invest in creating a custom suit.  They may have an upcoming special occasion or job interview and realize that what is in their closet isn’t up to standard and want something high quality but with a quick turnaround.

We also understand that everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to investing in their wardrobe and we want to make sure that their are high end options for those who aren’t ready to go custom.  We work particularly with young professionals who understand the power of personal presentation and want to look their best.  Our top off the rack designers are the perfect choice.

When you choose the right designers and the work with wardrobe consultants who will achieve the perfect fit, you will learn what is out there and how to develop you own unique look.

In our next blog we will announce two new exciting designers that have joined our off the rack program, then in subsequent weeks discuss our made to measure and bespoke programs.


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