In the Spotlight, Greg Nardi “It’s all in the Details”

“First impressions are everything. If you look like a mess, sadly, you will be seen as ‘that guy.’  However, if you look put together, then the world sees you as that guy who has it all together.”  Greg Nardi, Davelle Clothiers Customer

Greg Nardi understood he needed to look his best to excel in his career.    His style journey began with the Trunk Club, an online shopping resource providing trunks filled with clothing chosen for the wearer.  While this service provided a portion of what he needed, Greg states, “I needed and really wanted a more personal, one-on-one approach.  In my line of work, my clothing can’t just kind of fit; it needs to fit my body perfectly. Trying on the clothing with no one there to guide me was a difficult and isolating experience.  There was no one to tell me if the items really suited me.  I realized that I just prefer to shop for clothing in person.”

Greg was introduced to Davelle Clothiers by accident, while walking through the Reston town center.  It’s been 3 years since that initial visit, and he keeps coming back.   When asked why he is a repeat client, he states, “A lot of men’s shops are volume-based businesses. The clothing is not as well made, and the right brands aren’t there.  There are very few men’s shops within a 30 mile radius that don’t feel like walking into a factory. David Eisele, the owner and my personal stylist, carries a limited number of designs so that not everyone is going to have the same suit or jacket, and that means I can accentuate my uniqueness. ”

With a mix of German heritage and a military background, Nardi refers to himself as a stickler for details.  A military dress uniform has to look right and fit right, and that didn’t change once he traded in his dress uniform for civilian attire.   When asked how his style has evolved over the last 3 years, he told us his look has become more expressive in the sense that he will now combine patterns and use bold colors.    This change in his style has not gone unnoticed.  His look has gotten compliments from strangers, and people will stop him just to tell him that something looks great.  States Nardi,”No one ever went out of their way before to tell me how outstanding I look.”

How has discovering Davelle’s Clothiers affected his current civilian career?  Greg feels an inevitable increase in self-confidence.  He knows that he looks good because people have complimented him on his attire. And, he feels great, too.  If you project a professional attitude and you look put-together, your confidence is noticed.  First impressions really are everything.

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