Coordinating Your Wardrobe Part II

Coordinating Your Wardrobe Part II

Our featured holiday offer this week is a free shirt (up to a $195 value) with a suit purchase of $995 or more.  We hope you advantage of this opportunity to add another high quality, great fitting suit and shirt to your wardrobe.

Last week we talked a bit about coordinating shirts and ties- now that you understand how to put together these two, let’s look at some rules for adding in a suit.

When putting together your tie, shirt, and suit, two out of the three colors worn should be from the same color family.  For example, wear a navy jacket and a light blue shirt with a red tie.

If you are going for a professional, confident, authoritative look (which we assume you all are, right?) contrast is a great tool at your disposal.  Light and dark contrast is an easy way to create this look.  Here are three simple ways to use contrast:

1.  A dark suit, bright tie, and light shirt has high contrast.
2.  A medium shirt, light shirt and dark tie also has contrast.
3.  A light suit, medium shirt and dark tie creates contrast.

We are getting in new shirts from David’s V Series collection that will work perfectly for coordinating these looks.  Handmade with fabrics from Italy, these shirts also feature unique collars and cuffs as well as bread resistant buttons.  These shirts are also eligible for this special offer, so be sure to ask about them when you come in the store.

There are so many more ways to put together sophisticated and stylish looks- once you get to the advanced level, let the experts do the planning!  Our clients always tell us- “You won’t believe the compliments I got on this outfit!”

We can do the same for you!  This special offer for a free shirt with suit is good only through next Tuesday, December 11th, so schedule an appointment today!

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