Caring For Your Body as Much as You Do For Your Clothes

Caring For Your Body as Much as You Do For Your Clothes

Guest blog by Chris Mattice, Co-Founder, HealthWell

Davelle Clothiers may be the first retailer to take its tag line “invest in your style” to a whole new level. On Saturday September 24th, I co-presented a seminar at Davelle Clothiers about how to invest in your health so you can look and feel good from the inside out.

David Eisele Sr. believes that investing in your style is a professional and personal advantage, and it’s true. When you dress with confidence, you instill confidence in others. I’d like to add that when you invest in your health? wearing that health “on your sleeve”? you look great outside and feel great on the inside as well.

In my presentation, I explained that how you “wear” your body fat is a function of the food you eat, the life style you live and the choices you make. I challenged pre-conceived notions about nutrition and described how fat deposits are related to hormonal makeup and the food you put into your mouth. The body stores fat based on different hormones located on different spots throughout the body.

Proper management of the endocrine system is the key driver to optimal body composition, changing one’s body, and feeling better. Being able to manipulate hormone secretion can have a profound effect on your clothes fitting better, changing your blood profiles and enhancing fat loss, which is what most of us are after!

Traditional, calorie based weight loss systems are very challenging because food produces different hormonal responses based on the thermic effect of the food ingested. This sugar management or Insulin hormone is the hormone that ages us, and cleaning up your diet can make you look and feel younger within a few short weeks.

I look forward to participating in future health seminars at Davelle Clothiers, and will contribute occasional blog posts to provide information and tips for a healthier, happier, fitter lifestyle.

Chris Mattice is co-founder of HealthWell, which specializes in overall health improvement.

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