Building Your Wardrobe Portfolio

Today’s style lesson is about creating a professional wardrobe portfolio. Like a sound financial portfolio, your wardrobe portfolio should be diversified, to cover you (literally!) for many different business situations.

A well appointed wardrobe portfolio gives a man the freedom to dress work-appropriately and add range and flair to his wardrobe. As a wardrobe advisor, I educate my clients on how to suitably dress for their workplace, but also to allow their own style to show through:

Your wardrobe portfolio enables you to build the right outfit for these five business scenarios:

Power Dress is for important business meetings, when you want to dress to impress. Power Dress is your best black, gray or navy suit with a white or ivory shirt and a blue, red or yellow tie in a simple print or stripe. Add a signature touch with cufflinks and an attractive timepiece: Giorgio Milano watches are elegant and striking.

Power Casual is your everyday office wear. Wear a suit –no necktie – and a harmonious dress shirt. A bit relaxed, but you still look every bit the leader. Complete this look with shoes by Allen Edmonds, Santoni or Hugo Boss.

Executive Casual is relaxed office dress for days when there is no client appointment on your schedule. The look includes a sport coat and slacks, with a cashmere sweater (add to your holiday list now!), merino wool pullover, mock turtle neck or designer dress shirt.

Creative Casual is a sport coat, designer denim and a cool shirt (vibrant pattern or strong color with details on the collar and cuff). It’s the perfect office wear for the more creative professional, say an architect, engineer or advertising executive.

In all of the above looks, the jacket is paramount because it pulls the look together, elongates the frame and adds a dimension of sophistication to your appearance.

Business Casual is perfect for sporting events, but too casual for “Casual Friday”. Khakis, a polo shirt and loafers complete the look.

Gentlemen: diversity and style not only makes it easier to get dressed in the morning, it is an investment in you. You can diversify your look, have fun and up your style quotient at the same time.

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