Building the Right Wardrobe

We’ve got your closet clean now, right?  Either you have followed our advice and done it yourself, or have used our closet edit service.  Now what?  You don’t want to make the same mistakes and start filling your space with the wrong clothes.

At Davelle Clothiers, you can be confident that won’t happen.  My Wardrobe Consultants have the training and experience to ensure you are investing in the right choices.  We don’t just sell you the latest lines so we can make way for the next trendy items, instead we ask the right questions to understand your needs and point you accordingly.

If you need to start over, we will help you build a basic wardrobe that will last for a decade and beyond.  We recommend “ten sleeves” 5 suits (2 blue, 2 grey and 1 black), 3 patterned sport coats, and 2 blazers (one light for summer, one dark for fall/winter).

If you just need to update your wardrobe, we’ll work with you to find the right shirts and ties in classic and unique patterns to give you an contemporary and lasting style.  Our accessories are an easy way to upgrade and update your wardrobe as well.

As we go, we’ll pay special attention to showing you how to coordinate colors and patterns.  One of the most commonly overheard expressions in the store is, “I didn’t know that”.  Our job is to show you the way!

We will also help you utilize “crossover designs”- garments that will work from morning to night.  You will love the inherent value in these designs- just make a few simple changes and you can look your best in a variety of settings.

With the level of service we provide we know you and your wardrobe inside and out.  We’re in a position to make the right recommendations to continue to build on what is in your closet.

My clients are often amazed when they walk in the door and I call out to them, “You won’t believe the new shirts that just came in.  This one will go perfectly with the suit I made for you last year.  And this tie is great for your shirts.”

That is just what we do- build long lasting relationships based on creating your own style with the right quality pieces. When did getting 20 shirts for the price of 3 mean a good value when it doesn’t perform or last?  Don’t go for these gimmicks, instead we will build the right wardrobe with you!

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