Be a Savvy Sale Shopper

Be a Savvy Sale Shopper

The week after Christmas has become one of the biggest sales weeks of the year and there are sales everywhere you look.  It’s hard to tell if retailers have better sales before or after the holidays!  Either way, you’ve probably been bombarded since Thanksgiving, and the sales haven’t stopped yet.  Feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions?  You are not alone!

Special promotions can be a great opportunity to purchase things you need.  But no matter how good the special offer, you are wasting your time and money if you aren’t a savvy sales shopper.

Guidance in this area all boils down to one cardinal rule.  Don’t buy a garment item just because it is on sale.

Let’s say you need a new sports coat.  You can find a sport coat on a sale at a number of places, with so many that you are getting overwhelmed by the choices!  You’re afraid you will make the wrong decision.

So you decide to use price as your guide.  If you go wrong, at least you got a good “deal” to compensate for making an otherwise poor choice.

This deal of a sport coat isn’t your first choice in terms of style.  It doesn’t fit quite right.  You can tell right away that the fabric is low quality and the construction is poor.

Despite this, you still buy it because it is cheap.  And that is what you end up with- cheap clothing!  Over time, you add more and more items like this to your wardrobe.  Put them together, and you’ve spent a fair amount of money- more than you would have to just buy one quality piece.

You probably never wear these garments, and they are cluttering up your closet.

We aren’t against running sales- we have large annual events like our upcoming Dot Sale, Investment Sale and our Trade-In Event.  Buying at the end of the season can afford you some tremendous value.  But that is what it should be all about- value.  Everything we do is based on building value for our clients.

So ask yourself, “Would I pay full price for this item?”  Is it worth it?  That is the line between finding a great value and getting a cheap deal.

And remember, don’t buy it just because it is on sale!  If it is high quality, the right fit, and the right style for you all at a discounted price then great!  If not, discipline yourself to wait for the right opportunities.

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