Are You Ready for Wedding Season?

Summer is coming, and you know what that means – you’re going to be attending at least one wedding, and there will probably be multiple invitations to other elegant summer events, as well. Instead of waiting until the last minute and panicking about what you’re going to wear, here’s how to get yourself organized now so that you look your absolute best when these important days come around.

Assess what you already have. We’re all guilty of hanging on to a specific “uniform” that we whip out for special occasions, but how long have you been wearing the same couple of suits over and over during wedding season? Our bodies change over the years, so at the very least you should try on the clothes you normally wear to weddings and see what needs to be tailored. While you’re at it, take a look in the mirror and be honest about how current your outfits are. Things you’ve bought more recently might be able to stay in the rotation for a while, but older, outdated or worn-out items need to go in the donation pile.

Update your summer events wardrobe. You’re definitely going to need some fresh shirts for a new season of weddings and events, but when you see all the great new breathable fabrics that are out this summer, it’ll be tempting to get some new jackets and slacks that are specifically made to deal with warm-weather situations. You know that a lot of summer weddings and receptions are going to be outdoors, so the more you can prepare to deal with the heat and look fantastic while you’re doing it, the better.

Be ready to stay on your feet. With weddings, receptions, and other summer events, there’s never quite as much sitting as you think there’s going to be. In fact, you can end up spending hours on your feet, and the whole experience can be ruined by a pair of uncomfortable shoes. A couple of pairs of high-quality, well-fitting comfortable shoes are an absolute must for wedding season, and the best part is that you can wear them for other nice occasions throughout the summer, as well.

Don’t forget the little details. Socks, ties, pocket squares, and accessories are all important parts of your look, and they can either make or break an outfit. Here’s where you can really shine without overshadowing the wedding party – with little details that draw the eye without being too distracting.

We’re ready with a wide range of new items for this year’s wedding season, and we’re eager to help you prepare as well!

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