Allen Edmonds and David’s Master Collection- Together at Last

Allen Edmonds and David’s Master Collection- Together at Last

Allen Edmonds is undeniably the premier brand for men’s dress and casual shoes.  Davelle Clothiers’ Founder and CEO David Eisele, is the master of personal style and presentation. Now they’ve come together, with the introduction of Allen Edmond shoes designed by David Eisele.

This the first time Allen Edmonds has invited an outside designer into their studio!  Last summer David went to Wisconsin, the home of Allen Edmonds, to create his distinctive designs.

David notes, “I’m thrilled to have my designs come to life in these Allen Edmonds shoes. It is truly an honor to be part of a company with a century-long tradition of excellence.

Their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and pursuit of excellence make them the best in their field.

Now, along with my Master Collection suits, shirts, ties and slacks, I can truly create a unique style for my clients from head to toe.”

Davelle Clothiers has carried Allen Edmonds products for over eight years, and this opportunity to work together at an even higher level is exciting for both companies.  “We selected David because of his unique outlook in menswear and his sophisticated taste level made him the ideal candidate,” states Timothy C. Cronin, Sr. Vice- President of Sales for Allen Edmonds.

David’s three designs have just arrived in the store, and to celebrate their arrival Davelle Clothiers is holding a naming contest!  Simply pick your favorite pair from the three designs and give it a name.  Submit your idea in the store and if you win, you’ll receive a free pair of Allen Edmond shoes!  Contest ends March 31st, so come in today!

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