A Personal Letter from David Eisele, Sr.

A Personal Letter from David Eisele, Sr.

Check your mailboxes starting today for a very special letter from Davelle Clothiers Founder and CEO.  The letter contains a personal message from David Eisele, Sr:

Dear Friends,

It’s true… our biggest news in 25 years!  I am so pleased and excited to announce that Davelle Clothiers is moving in July.  This dream of mine is coming to fruition- to continue the Davelle Clothiers mission to be the best at what we do, now in the most creative and cutting edge space you can imagine.

We aren’t going far!  This move takes us just around the corner, still in Tower 1 of the Reston Town Center.  The intimate space will be a newly designed and totally re-imagined concept, bringing you the best in today’s shopping experience.  My trips in recent years around the world have influenced the design direction for this new store.  The new Davelle Clothiers will still be centered around their legendary customer service, custom clothing and premier designers.

This milestone for Davelle Clothiers has immediate benefits for you.  The store is now filled with fabulous spring ’16 clothing, shoes, sportswear and accessories.  Everything must be sold, not moved to our new store.

This means the biggest sale in Davelle history is about to start.  You are first to learn of our Moving Sale, with everything in the store reduced at savings of at least 20% and up to 50%.  No exceptions.  No exclusions.  This has never been done before in our history!

We will be closed Monday and Tuesday to reduce prices on all our inventory.  Our VIP Moving Sale begins Wednesday, April 20th.   Please shop early while selections are at their peak before we advertise to the public.

You know the quality of our clothes that built our reputation.  We know you will appreciate the value of this sale. Along with Dave Jr, Tim, Dan, Joshua and Hussein, we thank you for your loyal support over the years.  Our most precious asset now and always is the relationships we have with our clients.

We look forward to seeing you, telling you more about our exciting plans, and fitting you with an incredible new wardrobe at bargain prices.

Very Sincerely,

David signature

11921 Freedom Dr. Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190 | 703.904.0011

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