Why What you Wear Matters- As Told by Guest Blogger Matt Carrai

Why What you Wear Matters- As Told by Guest Blogger Matt Carrai

This blog post was written by Matt Carrai, freelance writer, digital content creator, and long-time Davelle customer.  As a young man rising in his career, Matt gives his perspective of why what you wear matters.  

I remember the first compliment I got on a suit.

And by the way I mean real compliment. Not “You look nice” or “I like that shirt” or “Cool shoes.” I mean a compliment that makes you realize that you command respect of those around you.

I had just received my first two suits from Davelle, a navy three-button and a charcoal-gray two-button, and a (just) friend of mine asked if I’d be her date to a sorority formal. As I was getting dressed, I had this bizarre fear that people would think I was trying to be something I’m not by wearing what was clearly a higher-quality suit than most college students own (silly, I know, but I was 19, so cut me some slack). That all changed as I walked to the door to pick up my friend.

“Wow…you look like James Bond,” she said with a laugh.

Immediately, my entire demeanor changed. I mean, is there a better compliment a man can receive than being told he looks like the archetype of sophistication and class? I no longer felt like a 19-year-old trying desperately to be suave. I was suave. My confidence immediately skyrocketed, and it was evident to me, my date, and everyone around me.

Being a young professional, I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Confidence in your appearance leads to confidence in your work, your leisure, and even your love life.

I’m lucky, too. My father instilled a healthy share of realism in me when I was younger. All he told me was, “Fair or unfair, people in the professional world will judge you based on what you wear.” Of course, being young, I sort of just rolled my eyes. I only really understood that to be true after interning on Capitol Hill for a semester. I loathed wearing suits, but every day I was there, I did, however begrudgingly. Until, that is, one oppressively hot day.

My manager called me and the other interns and allowed us to wear something more casual, (partially) joking that she didn’t want us passing out while giving tours of the Capitol. It was on one of those tours that I noticed that people no longer treated me like an adult. Instead, I was just an 18-year-old kid who didn’t know what he was talking about.

My dad’s words have been stuck in my head since.

Still, despite the obvious importance of dressing well, there’s still some odd stigma in spending more than the bare minimum. Others my age will sometimes ask why I spend “more than I need to” when it’s so easy to find deals at larger men’s stores. I always respond with two quick thoughts: 1) I know what I bought will last and 2) the items in my wardrobe from Davelle suit me (pun intended).

Prior to seeing David, I would buy from larger, discount-oriented stores. Although I could get a suit for next to nothing, they wouldn’t last for more than a year or two of regular use (i.e., worn once every other week or so). Holes developed, seams popped, shoulder padding (that I don’t need due to broad shoulders flattens. My solution? Go to Davelle.

That sorority formal? 10 years ago now, and I still have the suit. And the other I bought at the same time, for that matter.

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