5 Ways to Explore New Style Horizons

Do you feel like your style is too forgettable? How can you become the guy who wows people every time you walk in a room? If you tend to err on the safe side and wear the same kinds of things you’ve always worn, it’s easier said than done to set aside your standard personal uniform and make some more adventurous choices. Here are a few practical tips to help you start stepping outside your comfort zone into the world of the truly stylish.

1. Start with color. If your closet is a sea of muted blues and khakis, it’s probably time to start experimenting with different colors. Even just one new shirt in a color you don’t normally wear (or an interesting pattern) can help wake you up to how good you can look, and how much fun you can have, if you start playing around a little with your color choices.

2. Put your best foot forward. Men are notorious for having a very limited collection of shoes, but the right pair of shoes can make an entire outfit pop. Instead of treating shoes like an afterthought and wearing the same pair you always wear, try planning an outfit or two around a bolder shoe choice – you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes to your overall look.

3. Experiment with accessories. If you own two belts, one black and one brown, there’s a whole world out there of accessories you haven’t experienced yet. It’s not just belts, either – you can try out bracelets, cufflinks, watches, and a whole host of other great additions to your outfits.

4. Get expert advice. Friends and loved ones aren’t always the best people to ask about what looks good on you. They’re used to seeing you a certain way, and it can be just as difficult for them to let go of that vision as it is for you. Instead, ask someone whose area of expertise is to make men look stylish – you’ll get an objective opinion from someone who knows what they’re talking about, and who can see your true potential without any emotional bias.

5. Take it slowly. Just because you want to become more daring doesn’t mean you need to jump straight into lime green jackets – after all, if you’re not comfortable with a new look, you probably won’t end up wearing it that often. A complete style metamorphosis doesn’t have to happen overnight, and in fact taking it slowly with moderate changes over time will help you adjust mentally as you go along.

There are a lot of great new styles out there for the spring and summer. If you start making bolder choices now, by the time the warmer seasons come you’ll be a real trendsetter rather than just a follower!

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