New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t Forget Your Professional Image!

New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t Forget Your Professional Image!

Lose weight, exercise more, eat better, be less stressed- is this your mantra at the beginning of every new year? Most likely, many of your resolutions for this year point to the same thing- how to feel great and look even better.

davelle20150927-017-screenWhen you think about looking good, what does that encompass? Maybe your weight and body build, along with your overall health and appearance. Do you also think about what you wear and the image that conveys?

It can be easy to slip into thinking that your professional image is not important. How comforting to think your company doesn’t care what you wear, or no one notices how you look. Or that you don’t want to be overdressed or out dress your superiors.

But the reality is your clothes speak volumes. Consider these truths as outlined in The Business of Style, The Secret to Investing in Yourself:

  • Casual dress, while common in some industries, is not the same thing as sloppy.
  • Your company might not care if you dress down, but they also won’t care if you dress up.
  • When in doubt, overdress and give yourself some options.
  • Dress in line with your superiors and never more casually than your subordinates.
  • If you don’t look like someone who could be an authority figure, you’ll never be seen as one.

davelle20150927-022-screenOnce you recognize this, you can embrace the opportunity to develop your own style that is both professional and unique. Use the power of your wardrobe to feel great, look even better and
propel your career forward.

We’re experts at helping you develop your personal style and create the image you want and need. Every interaction we have with you, big or small, is all about working together to discover and present your own style. Call us today to get started!

This post originally appeared in Jan 2012

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