3 Ways to Make the Most of Short Sleeve Season

3 Ways to Make the Most of Short Sleeve Season

It seems that summer is already here! You know what that means – time to break out the short sleeve shirts. For a lot of guys who normally wear suits to the office and go for a slightly more formal look, short sleeve shirts may be the one area where their wardrobes are a little bit lacking. If you’re tired of suffering in the heat and need to pad out your summer wardrobe with some new options, here are some tips to help you make the right choices when it comes to picking out short sleeve shirts.

1. Lighten up. If you’ll be wearing your short sleeve shirts to work during the day, lighter colors are the way to go, especially if you live in a hot climate (which is pretty much everyone in the peak of summer!). You can especially opt for sunnier pastel colors that you perhaps wouldn’t lean toward if you were selecting a more formal, long sleeve shirt. If you’ll be going out in the evening, you can either choose a darker shirt, or pair your lighter daytime shirt with a casual sport coat.

2. Have some fun. Short sleeve shirts are, by their very nature, more casual than their long sleeve counterparts, so this is your opportunity to bring a little more fun into the equation. Try some bolder, more playful patterns, or experiment with interesting color combinations. Don’t bother trying to make your short sleeve shirt look more formal by tucking it in – enjoy the fact that it actually looks better and more appropriate untucked.

3. Show off a bit. We all know The Davelle Is in the Details, and a short sleeve shirt is the perfect context to make those details shine. Select a shirt that has special buttons, a contrasting placket, or a side gusset that catches the eye. It’s surprising how these little things can add up to a huge visual impact.

If you’re looking for some perfect short sleeve shirts for the summer, you have a lot of great options. Brands like 7 Downie St. and of course our own David’s Master Collection have many excellent short sleeve styles, all of which have a gusset. Also, if you have a long sleeve shirt that you wish had short sleeves, bring it in and let us have a look – many long sleeve shirts can work just as well or even better with the sleeves shortened.

Below you can see examples of long sleeve shirts that we remade with short sleeves. If you’d like to have this done, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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