3 Reasons to Start Assembling Your Fall Wardrobe Now

3 Reasons to Start Assembling Your Fall Wardrobe Now

As the summer charges on, it can be difficult to imagine a time when you’re going to be wearing warm clothes, coats, and boots, but rest assured the cooler seasons are indeed on their way. Before you know it, fall will be here, so if you don’t want to wear the same tired clothes you’ve been wearing over and over for years, here are three reasons to get started assembling your fall wardrobe now, before the summer ends.

1. Planning ahead is more cost-effective. One of the most common reasons people cite as to why they don’t invest more in their wardrobe is because they can’t afford to, but often people waste money on the wrong clothes due to a lack of planning. Think about how much clothing you’ve bought versus how much of it you actually wear – planning out your seasonal wardrobe ahead of time helps you make deliberate, thoughtful choices that fit within an overall style, instead of buying random things that catch your eye and then end up buried at the back of your closet. Once you start using your wardrobe budget more efficiently, you’ll be surprised at how much you can actually afford, and how well it all works together.

2. The selection is better earlier in the season. Most of the fall stock arrives in the summer, which means that even now, people are starting to make their core purchases for the season. So if you wait until the season is actually here before you begin looking, a lot of the best items will already be gone. If you start your seasonal shopping right away, on the other hand, you will find more things you like in the sizes you need, and you’ll get first pick instead of having to take what remains from the leftovers.

3. Starting now gives you time to incorporate some tailored or bespoke pieces. If you’re going to take the time to plan your seasonal wardrobe ahead of time, then you clearly care about how you look, so why not go all the way and get at least a few pieces that are tailored or made specifically for you?  Of course, having a garment made from scratch takes time – it’s best to get things started now so that your new clothes will be ready in time for the start of the fall season.

If you want to start assembling some fall wardrobe selections but don’t know where to start, come in and speak to a wardrobe consultant – we’ll talk you through your options, help you get the ball rolling, and make sure you have your most stylish season ever.

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