18th Annual Trade-In Event Now Underway!

18th Annual Trade-In Event Now Underway!

Trade InOne of my favorite times of the year is here, the Trade-In Event.  This year marks   the eighteenth time we have held this event.   Every year I ask myself if this event has run its course.  Everywhere you look there are similar events- but my longtime customers knew we originated and perfected this concept.

So why do we keep doing it?  Because I know what is in your closet.  Let’s throw open those closet doors and take a good look.  I am positive I will hit the trifecta of abandoned clothes- the out of style, the doesn’t fit, and the never worn.

Davelle-TradeIn2014-Circle1First, the out of style garments, either interwoven throughout, or perhaps all piled in the back.  For example, the polyester leisure suit, the too-wide ties, the double pleated, wide-leg pants.  All harken to fads of the past and need to go.

Or how about all the coats, slacks and shirts that never (ever) fit?  Either you bought them on sale and figured “close enough” or you bought them too small or too big and just hoped your body would change enough to fit into them one day.  Perhaps you didn’t understand what to look for in the right fit and your purchase was simply ill-informed.  Regardless of the reason, admit they don’t fit and remove!

Now let’s take a hard look at the items you just never wear.  If they don’t fall into one of the two categories above, I guarantee there is a decent percentage of items in your closet that you simply never pull out and put on.  Maybe they were gifts, maybe you Davelle-TradeIn2014-Circle2changed your mind, but for whatever reason, they are just sitting there.  Wasting space.  Never part of your outfit.

So, now that we are standing in your closet and have identified the out of style, don’t fit, and never worn, the next step is easy.  Reach out your hand and pull them off the shelf.  Simply put them together into a bag, keep them hangers- whatever you like.

Then bring your items to the Trade-In Event.  Receive an item for item discount and replace them with items that have timeless style, an expert fit, and you love enough to wear all the time.  See our news page for all the Trade-In values.

Davelle-TradeIn2014-Circle3How long will we keep doing this event?  I honestly do not know.  But I do know what lurks in your closet, and that we can upgrade your look while helping others at the same time.

In our next post we will talk more about this aspect of the event.

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